About ResT-UP

ResT-UP (Resources and Techniques for User and author Profiling in abusive language) aims at bringing together researchers and scholars working on author profiling and automatic detection of abusive language on the Web, e.g., cyberbullying or hate speech, with a twofold objective: improving the existing linguistic resources, e.g., datasets, corpora, lexicons, and sharing ideas on stylometry techniques and features needed for profile information extraction and classification.

ResT-UP will be held in conjunction with LREC2020, in Marseille, France, on May 12, 2020

Following the COVID-19 international situation, LREC will not held in Marseille in May. More information on the conference page. The proceedings of the conference as well as the ResT-UP workshop will be published as anticipated.

Here is the information about registration. The registration is not requested for the authors of workshop papers.